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A self-certification form for private education loans may be of use to students

A self-certification form for private education loans may be of use to students

Student will be provided the information on the required textbooks and class readings upon arrival on campus. For any specific questions on reading materials and books please contact your Program management Office in charge of the respective academic area. Course specific information is made available through MyEDHEC platform for enrolled students.

EDHEC takes the protection of personal data seriously and pledges to manage the data that it collects on you in a secure and responsible fashion. We are committed to protecting and respecting students private life. This policy sets out the principles governing the way in which we process this data and also explains how students can access and update this data and make certain choices regarding the way in which personal data is used. All students’ information is safeguarded, applying to all nonpublic personal information in the school’s possession (from students, parents, or other individuals with whom the school has a customer relationship). EDHEC establishes and maintains a comprehensive information security programme insuring the security and confidentiality of students’ information. EDHEC also includes all required elements of an information security programme: designated coordinators, risk assessment, safeguards testing, evaluation and overseeing service providers. Please find out more here >>

The law specifies how EDHEC Business School must determine the amount of Title IV program assistance (Direct Loans) that students earn if they withdraw from school. For information about the University’s refund policy, please contact the Program Management Office. Requirements for the return of Title IV funds are published in the EDHEC Business School Return to Title IV (R2T4) Policy. Procedures for withdrawal are outlined in the R2T4 Policy and are also available from Program management Office. Please find the entire information by clicking here >>?

EDHEC Business School will provide information published by the US Department of Education to students at any time that information regarding loan availability is requested, including the rights and responsibilities of students and institutions under Title IV HEA (Higher Education Act) loans program

personal loans within 24 hours

If students take out a Federal loan to finance their studies at EDHEC Business School, we will submit students loan details to NSLDS. This data will be accessible to guaranty agencies, lenders and schools that are authorized users of the data system.

Prior to the first disbursement, first-time borrowers will be provided with comprehensive information on the terms and conditions of the loan and of the borrower’s responsibilities through an entrance counselling. You will be required to complete the entrance counselling on the following site >>.

EDHEC Business School will provide exit counselling to borrowers of Federal loans shortly before the student borrower ceases at least half-time study at the school. You will be required to complete the exit counselling on the following site >>. Any student who fails to complete the Exit counselling will be emailed a copy of the exit counselling guide produced by the US Department of Education.

It is clearly stated that most US students at EDHEC Business School are eligible for Federal loans and that these are normally much cheaper than private loans. If you require information on how to complete the form, please email the Financial Aid Office.

Effectively occupy the accommodation as your main residence (the rent receipts must be drawn up in the beneficiary’s name), and have an income that falls below certain thresholds.

National Student Loan Data System (NSLDS)

The U.S. Department of Education requires institutions of higher education to establish minimum of satisfactory academic progress for students receiving Federal aid. In order to maintain eligibility for financial aid with the qualitive standard, a student must maintain the academic standing necessary to remain at EDHEC Business School. Please find more information here >>

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