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Hearing – Tune in and complete the fresh gaps

Hearing – Tune in and complete the fresh gaps

Scientists state he has got exposed facts (1) ___________________ the five,000-year-dated primitive memorial Stonehenge. The fresh (2) ___________________ the southwestern of The united kingdomt is greatest worldwide. How Stonehenge are founded has (3) ___________________ for hundreds of years. A new study implies that the fresh new architects and you will builders out-of Stonehenge have are from Wales, (4) ___________________ than simply 160 kms aside. Scientists wrote regarding Scientific Profile diary one to (5) ___________________ bought at the website was regarding the Preseli Hills inside western Wales. The brand new researchers said this new eldest individual stays located thus far day back once again to in the 3000 BC, (6) ___________________ 5,one hundred thousand years back.

Stonehenge is (7) ___________________ status monoliths – giant stones. For each standing brick is approximately four yards high and dos.step one yards wider. They (8) ___________________ twenty-five loads. Researchers state Stonehenge was first used given that an effective burial mound. The newest large monoliths in addition to originated the newest Preseli Mountains. Researchers is actually (9) ___________________ old individuals moved the newest large rocks this new 160 kilometer on their site into the Stonehenge. They today trust people who (10) ___________________ Stonehenge aided transportation, status and you can (11) ___________________. Specialist John Pouncett said: “Individuals from brand new Preseli Hills not only offered the brand new bluestones used to build the newest brick (12) ___________________ towards rocks and you will was in fact hidden indeed there too.”

Comprehension concerns

  1. How old is actually Stonehenge?
  2. In which inside England was Stonehenge?
  3. How long performed the article say Stonehenge was from Wales?
  4. What’s the identity of your log stated about article?
  5. What 5,000-year-old stays were discovered at Stonehenge?
  6. What did the content state monoliths was indeed?
  7. Precisely what does each one of the rocks during the Stonehenge weighing?
  8. What do researchers thought Stonehenge was initially used for?
  9. Where might those who directed stones to help you Stonehenge be tucked?
  10. What sort of brick ‘s the brick familiar with generate Stonehenge?

Multiple choice test

1) What age is Stonehenge? a) on the 5,one hundred thousand many years b) regarding the step 3,100000 decades c) on 8,000 ages d) throughout the 2,100 age 2) In which within the England is Stonehenge? a) regarding northwest b) from the the southern part of c) in the southwestern d) in London area 3) What lengths performed the content say Stonehenge are away from Wales? a) just below 160 kms b) more than 160 kms c) just 160 kms d) around 160 kilometres cuatro) What’s the label of your diary mentioned from the post? a) Declaration Sciences b) Revealing Research c) Research Reports d) Medical Reports 5) Â Just what 5,000-year-dated remains were discovered at Stonehenge? a) peoples remains b) ceramic c) a classic palace d) gowns and towel

6) Exactly what did the article say monoliths was basically? a) wooden doors b) equipment c) unmarried internet d) monster stones 7) How much does each one of the rocks from the Stonehenge weigh? a) 21 plenty b) twenty-five tons c) 23 lots d) 19 lots 8) What do researchers consider Stonehenge was initially useful for? a) accommodation b) a huge clock c) an event set d) an excellent burial mound nine) Where you’ll those who transferred rocks to help you Stonehenge be buried? a) nobody knows b) a great London cemetery c) during the Stonehenge d) inside Wales 10) What sort of stone ‘s the stone always build Stonehenge? a) grey brick b) bluestone c) material brick d) tough stone

Character gamble

Role Good – Stonehenge Do you consider Stonehenge ‘s the word’s greatest memorial. Give others three good reason why. Inform them what is wrong with the monuments. Along with, give the remainder which is the the very least interesting of them (and why): Eiffel Tower, Taj Mahal or Sculpture out of Liberty.

Role B – Eiffel Tower Do you think brand new Eiffel Tower ‘s the word’s most useful memorial. Tell the others around three reasons why. Let them know what is actually wrong with their monuments. And additionally, tell the rest which is the the very least fascinating ones (and just why): Stonehenge, Taj Mahal or Statue from Independence.

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