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I do believe Zhao Lusi was a great bubbly and you will hyper member of real life

I do believe Zhao Lusi was a great bubbly and you will hyper member of real life

We chuckled in this health world where Florida is actually summoned in order to the hospital of the ML’s assistant to help you signal the brand new price related so you’re able to personal debt fee

I learned the new drama is actually off a movie “It is not What i Questioned” that have Zhou Dongyu and you will Takeshi Kaneshiro. The movie is nice.

By-the-way, the female direct is known as Gu Sheng Nan, and the chinese reputation on her behalf family relations label Gu is part of your own chinese keyword zhao gu that may suggest “make sure”. New chinese profile Shen function “win” together with chinese character Nan function “male”. Decent and solid name provided the woman is waiting so you can the male lead regarding the 18 ages their older

Think it’s great!

, You are a primary reason Everyone loves this website. Discovering some thing aboutbthe Chinese language and exactly why the page meanings possess definition for this crisis are a genuine treat. I will be watchingnit late, which have think it is back at my Viki offer(many thanks ). Awaiting a fun time. Hooray!

I binge saw it drama yesterday. Brand new humorous stating “The way to a man’s heart is with their stomach” is actually enfolding. Initially, the male lead-Mr. Suave guy will not check appealing to me, but his body gestures are for some reason charming for me to carry on watching.

One another Fl and ML was basically some time childish, brand new Fl create cry like a baby when she believed damaged hearted while the steeped man ML would have one to generous time to covertly follow Florida for the reason that hotel where these include going to a great convention.

The fresh new Fl mentioned never to bring this lady kidney while the an installment. I became astonished, you to line are greeting and you can just weren’t edited inside China was basically discover a kind of controversy which have illegal promoting out of kidneys and most other development into organ picking.

Oh how does Li Kid told you brand new pie try poor upcoming of Shengnan to Jin? I was thinking it really meant as he said, getting longevity and you will durability etc. could there be various other meaning? ??

Understand the importance of brand new turtle, one needs to know the fresh moniker and this Gu Sheng Nan provides considering Lu Jin, which is Lu Gui Mao. Gui Mao are a jargon for anyone that is excessively brand of and you can loves to find faults. Lu for the Lu Gui Mao are naturally Lu Jin’s surname. Thus Gu Sheng Nan is saying that Lu Jin are a most picky and kind of man, that is the reason Lu Jin possess asking her to evolve their moniker. It is actually title she’s spared him less than this lady mobile phone associations. In any event, the fresh new Gui is the chinese reputation that’s element of Wu gui and thus Turtle. The fresh new turtle appeara once the the girl animals and her overflowing model and lately the latest toy on the pie. Each of them reference Lu Jin and her vey individual nickname. Few people do challenge to name him that, since it can be disrespectful. A turtle can also symbolise becoming sluggish, therefore not too suitable to wear a dessert into huge huge company…

Thank you so much, Pikapika, on the reasons. I am aware we’re missing certain puns and you will wordplays from inside the brand new Oriental so this support. ??

Thank you so much ! I’m sure we had feel laughing significantly more if perhaps we realized brand new hidden meanings, colloquialisms and you will slurs that subs dont be able to change. ?? ?? ??

Thanks for their info, Those individuals info really help to love the fresh crisis a great deal more. Provides noticed Ep 5-six. Therefore unfortunate whenever Lu Jin needed to exit. Exactly what are with you to definitely Li Man-woman? Simply because you are business partners doesn’t mean you possess Lu Jin! The woman is bringing on my nervousness already. Perhaps we are able to anticipate the common next Fl controlling implies. The latest elderly cousin reputation are very comedy which event. I’m pleased to see you to deep-down he is worried about Gu Shengnan and you may cares regarding this lady.

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