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Pitaya vs. Acai: Which Superfruit Provides Superior Dietary Advantages (and Flavoring)?

Pitaya vs. Acai: Which Superfruit Provides Superior Dietary Advantages (and Flavoring)?

About as well as diet, I’m always intrigued to understand just how everything we consume benefits all of us.

But considering nutritional information gets much more tricky when looking at two very close food, like acai and pitaya. Both were fresh fruits which have supposed health and fitness benefits, but is one superior to others?

We place them on the test to understand the differences in how they flavoring, the way they impair our overall health and the specific pros that all give the dining table.

Acai, a berry which comes from the Amazon, has become known inside the health society for many years, and rose to traditional stardom whenever enterprises like Sambazon arrived onto the scene nearly 20 years back.

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While acai happens to be a staple at liquid shops and fitness ingredients grocers, its lesser known relative, pitaya, are surfacing where exact same ways. Pitaya, or dragon fruits, is especially grown in South America, and is acknowledged for its vibrant pink look in smoothies.

Independently, both become apparently saturated in antioxidants, which will help your system fight toxins and irritation. Consequently, obtained been touted as “superfoods.”

Since it goes, more businesses that develop smoothie bags with one of these fruit include additional ingredients inside mix, for example sugar, which alter the vitamins and minerals and taste. This has led to a recent line of questioning when considering consuming juice and smoothies as healthier alternatives.

In addition, acai and pitaya have actually a similar—but perhaps not identical—flavor breakdown, but vary in lots of alternative methods.

See the results of your previous flavor test and nutritional investigations with two leading agencies.

This business was by far the most available at local grocers. A single smoothie packet has 100 unhealthy calories and 13 grams of sugar per serving. The acai, however, calls for two boxes when mixed for a smoothie or dish, increasing the number of calories and sugar.

Acai have a negligible number of soluble fiber, below 1 gram, and about 4 grms of excess fat. The smoothie bags consist of some other ingredients besides acai berry, such organic cane glucose, natural soya lechitin and natural guarana extract—a seed found in the Amazon and used for fuel.

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The mix also incorporates 15 milligrams of salt per serving, features 35 milligrams of Omega 3, 435 milligrams of Omega 6 and 2,130 mg of Omega 9. Omega-3s oils are recognized for reducing soreness, in fact it is during the root of a lot of persistent illnesses.

Blend with banana and fruit liquid, therefore’ve got a tasty treat. Photo: James Rodney

The style test, the acai got sampled on its own, plus it truly doesn’t need something put into it—perhaps because of the additional glucose and types from rest elements like guarana plant, in fact it is present in more acai smoothie bags.

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When combined approximately 1 / 2 a banana and 1/4 glass apple juice, the reliability had been a little runnier than favored, nevertheless flavor had been good. In my opinion, these acai smoothie packs have some a richer, nuttier tastes, with suggestions of cocoa, that work well to counterbalance the sweetness you will get from fruits and fruit juices added to the blend.


That which was noted overnight about PitayaPlus is it just consists of one component: dragon fruit (pitaya) with vegetables.

Because of this taste test, I picked up PitayaPlus’ fruit cubes considering that the smoothie bags weren’t offered, and actually, located the fruit cubes to be quite simpler to operate with—you can miss out the step of cutting inside vinyl smoothie bags, and it also conserves on extortionate presentation. Furthermore really worth noting: Pitaya had been somewhat more difficult to obtain at my regional super markets compared to acai, but is simple to find to buy online.

And in addition, the pitaya fruits cubes independently were a little bland as compared to the acai smoothie packs, as it is really just the simple fresh fruit. It has about 100 calorie consumption and 13 grams of glucose per serving.

PitayaPlus fruit cubes. Pic: Due To PitayaPlus

Where pitaya appears to split from the acai is in supplement C, offering 7percent per portion (versus 0percent in acai). Nutritional C plays a role in sets from increasing the immunity system to keeping epidermis searching healthier.

Pitaya keeps 5 g of fiber versus 2 grams into the acai smoothie packs, 2 grms of protein, and is also high in other nutrients such as for instance iron (7 %) and magnesium (17 per cent). And although perhaps not noted on PitayaPlus’ health details, the fruit’s seed are also apparently high in Omega-3 and Omega-9.

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Research reports have also examined how pitaya helps you to control blood sugar levels and regulation glucose levels, with potential health implications for people vulnerable to or who’ve all forms of diabetes.

Adoring the bright green color through the pulp therefore the structure the Pitaya seeds offer contained in this dish. Photo: James Rodney

Okay, now let’s talk about the flavor examination. Pitaya is sometimes compared directly to kiwi in consistency, and that shown aside while I blended it up with half a banana and apple fruit juice, just as I did using the acai. Instantly, I seen a thicker consistency with pitaya. The Flavor got equally sweet as (or even sweeter than) the acai.

Even though it did shortage a number of the complexity on the acai, the pitaya’s tastes got a stronger competition.

With all of issues considered, i might slim toward pitaya over acai simply on the basis of the simple fact that the pitaya contained no added sugar and failed to undermine on tastes whenever prepared in a smoothie or dish. As well as in this example, the extra vitamins and health benefits when you look at the pitaya provided it the side over my preference for acai’s richer, nuttier taste.

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