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The youngest child of huge church Pastor T.D. Jakes was divorcing the lady partner

The youngest child of huge church Pastor T.D. Jakes was divorcing the lady partner

former NFL football member Robert Henson after merely 4 many years of wedding. Sarah married Robert whenever she was only 19 yrs old. It was a truly quick relationships. I remember their unique intricate ceremony submitted in “Jet magazine”. Here we are, four-year afterwards and they’re divorcing.

Henson (Jakes child), introduced this amazing statement regarding the girl divorce proceedings:

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43 applying for grants “T.D Jakes’ Daughter, Sarah Henson Ending 4 Season Marriage”

really damn they were only married for a minute.

and so the girl was actually a ho? the same as a pk kid.

He showin plenty of teeth for the reason that picture.

And allow her to lead a life of a story book and wind up a spinster. If my child stepped in and told me she is marrying a specialist athlete I would personally perform some Kris Jenner and make sure in the event it performedn’t workout she would become well-compensated for her squandered opportunity. He or she is a professional sportsman and college graduated.

Did the lady parent talk to the lady about divorce proceedings from a spiritual standpoint?

Dang….I remember as soon as the event photos had been every where…

Sad their particular marriage hit a brick wall.

The wedding was in substance or Ebony….i recall considering..her mom..and aunt had been in love with the idea of prep a magnificent ceremony…the groom not very much…..& in which is actually the lady holier-than-thou daddy…and their marriages r 4ever message

We never seen a linbacker lookin all-happy and showin all they teeth and crap. In which he search happier in this picture.

Damn in which the hell I been…used to don’t learn some of this.

Lawd, these PK’s I inform ya!

Had gotten nothing with this subject. It occurs

bathhouses, pregnant 14 seasons olds…what during the collection dish hell was goings on?

Next Sunday, I am going to be in the Potter’s residence

She ended up being 19.. I believe too young to get married


Man…these Ministers are incredibly active making time for the mega home that they’re neglecting to concentrate on THEIR real household home!

Sorry to listen towards divorce….smh

If this’s over it’s over – and that I don’t worry whose leasdership you are really underneath.

I found myself never ever for sticking to anyone that made your miserable. Shoo-fly, shoo!

Your can’t be seriously interested in relationships as soon as the event or an “image” is much more vital. Course read, We hope…

he shoulda just adopted a couple of close ol round the way skanks, in which he woulda started good. I recently don’t begin to see the aim of rushing into relationships while a billionaire.

Duck confronts are just last year…

Just becuz yo daddy pastors a mega church as well as have funds don’t get you to exempt from the relationships not working and you filing for divorce proceedings.

I must say I detest to listen this….it is definitely unfortunate when a married relationship is busted specially when children are engaging. This has nothing to do with just who the girl daddy is or just what his/her status try. She’s going house while making a life with that man, maybe not the lady pops or Potters House. We don’t understand the cause but I hope that she will be okay and young ones is ok (mentally, that will be).

becoming a pk’s child doesnt exempt you against fact. selection are important yes. but she continues to be young, i personally believe she got partnered out-of pressure to avoid the “knocked upwards at 14 and single mama tag”. often the sole individual concern are goodness. she should have merely continued and become one in Gods lengthy but sweet time. i nonetheless thought she is still-young and has now another shot at ironing out the woman things. God bless you Sarah, your own dad’s a great man. best wishes to your group.

Severely?? feels like daddy to active hangin onto a success gospel as he ought to be zoning in on morals, standards and keepin ya legs sealed n taking good care of residence. Jakes was chasing the $$$ while their sons and girl R runnin untamed. Guess you find TD Jakes that fantastic guy as a result of his shown achievement but a man’s greatest isn’t calculated by their revenue and what the guy lures, it’s determined by whom that guy can bearing.

You will be neglecting one thing.

This could possibly eventually anyones kid. And TD Jakes’ isn’t any exemption while dont apparently keep in mind that – regardless of what great you may be your youngster merely aint.

FYI view that movie from the both of them. TD Jakes will happily call it quits their entire congregation from inside the bleep of a watch for her. To your profile means little.

she’s young. she’ll jump right back plus the lady daddy are rich.

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